Tweeting, Instagramming, Snapping, Facebooking and more – everyone can do it – but we can put them all together and make them work for your circumstance. Like anything we do, our social media campaigns come with a purpose and a plan. We’ll work with you to discover the outcomes you want, and take your ideas from concept to a robust plan with measurable results.

From planning to implementation and talking to your audience, we’ll integrate ourselves into your world. With social and digital moving so quickly, we’ll keep you updated on the most recent social updates and trends to make sure you’re communicating with your people in the most contemporary way.


Times changed a while back, and with it PR made some changes too. When once the humble television was the number one screen in a household, in its place is the mobile device. Your audience is online, all the time, and we make sure we take you to where they’re swiping.

Our digital expertise ranges from website creation and management, digital content plans, creating of online publications, video services or any tailored message that will suit where you’re heading. In a time where content is king and traditional PR is the prince, we’ll help you make sure you have a cohesive message online, offline and for when your audience is bored on the train. There’s never been a better time to be part of the digital world.


The last thing an event organiser wants to be worried about on the big day or during that long and testing week is pesky media enquires and operations. That’s where we come in to handle the situation with no fuss.

We provide top to bottom solutions to make sure the media operations hum along smoothly in the background so you can concentrate on getting bums on seats, athletes on the field and smiles on the faces of your stakeholders. Anything from media centre set up and management to PR campaigns pre-event, reporting and media releases, social media and stakeholder liaison.

Whatever your brief, we’ll take the pressure off.


When it comes to managing media for an organisation, teams and clubs or even individual athletes, the roles and requirements have become so broad. What’s needed by one is the last thing wanted by another. That’s why we prefer to listen to your needs and then come up with a realistic plan to deliver on them. Anything from media strategy and planning to implementation and activation, reporting and media training, social media and stakeholder liaison and anything in between.

You name it, we’ll work out a package and plan to get the job done.


Every business, team, athlete and event has a story to tell. And your story deserves to be told. Our job is to listen to your story and then use our written and verbal communication skills to pitch your story to the masses, via our many friends in the media. We’ll use social media to get your message across too. We sit down with our clients to determine what you want to achieve, then put together a realistic plan to get your story to as many people as possible.

Then we listen to what the people have to say to help you improve your product or communication.


We all dread the time when have to manage a negative situation. No matter what the crisis, we work with you to prepare for the situation with media training and a sound plan. Taking the time to prepare, even in the toughest circumstances will help ease the end toll. When the dust settles we review the situation so you can put policies and procedures in place so we’re not addressing the same issue down the track.

When it comes to a crisis, we’ve been there for our clients before, and we’re ready to tackle the tough times again.


Did we mention how much we love sport? Many avoid the laborious task of writing and research, but it’s something we love to do. There’s nothing more satisfying than burying our heads in sports stats to come up with a creative way to tell your story.

Whether it’s a feature piece, news releases, blog or book, we’ll find that stat, quote or storyline that gets your message noticed. We’ve got a few runs on the board too. Dave wrote Matt Hall’s book and Channel 7 hired both Dave and Andrew as sports researchers for their 2016 Rio Olympic broadcast!


The media should always be seen as your greatest ally, a platform to tell your story and promote your message. Too often we see athletes, coaches, organisations and anyone in between come unstuck during media interviews, come across in the wrong light in a news article, or heaven forbid, post that comment they shouldn’t have on social media. In most cases people come unstuck due to a basic lack of preparation.

We work with you to teach you how to establish your key messages and then deliver them under pressure – all while building a strong relationship with media that will benefit you in the long run.


Sports Comm likes to keep our list of talent short so we can give our clients the best of us. We’re hands on but we know when to stand in the background. Our ethos for athlete and talent management is to have our clients walk away from us as better people than when they arrived. Sure we want to help them win a gold medal, lift a trophy and make a buck. That goes without saying. But we want our athletes and talent to feel like family and we want to provide them with someone they can trust.

We work with our athletes and talent to create realistic plans to achieve their goals in sport, education, business and in life

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